Adding a League

Adding Your First League

Click on 'Add a league' to select one of the many fantasy sites we are compatible with.

BOOM! Your league has been added to your Draft Hero account! The league was added with standard scoring rules set by that said fantasy site. For custom rules, you may sync your league or enter the scoring rules and roster requirements manually. *Note: To sync your league, you MUST have your fantasy league open in another window with a properly functioning Chrome Extension.*

Syncing My League

Click on 'Sync my league'. A window will pop up, showing a link to Add your Chrome Extension, as well as the requirement of your league being open in another tab. Click here to see the process of adding the chrome extension.  

****finish Syncing the League when functional****

Configure Manually

  • Configuring manually requires three short, but simple steps!
  • Step 1: Your league settings. Adjust the teams, rounds, draft position, style, and team name accordingly.

Step 2: Set your scoring rules. Most leagues have similar settings as their fantasy site, however if any are different, you may change them here.

Step 3: Roster Requirements. Adjust roster to however your team needs to be filled out. *Note: Total (Max) refers to the amount you desire on your roster. If this total is met, your 'Top 5 Recommended' and 'Lineup Optimizer' will no longer suggest drafting that particular position.*

You are all set! Click 'Draft Now' to begin mocking!

Any leagues created will be displayed under 'Your leagues'. Should you need to edit the settings, remove the league, or report an issue, hover over the gear icon next to the 'Draft' button and then click on the desired action listed below.