Adding a League

Adding leagues have never been easier!

Open you league in another tab on your computer. Click 'Search for Open Leagues'. 

Your league will instantly upload, settings, teams, draft order, and any other specific details! Be sure to take a glance through each tab to ensure this is the case. 

Adding a League Manually

Click 'Add League' and select your league host site. After adding your league name (optional), click 'Add League' below and you will have a league created with a generic league setting that correlates with the most common host site leagues (.5 PPR for Yahoo, Full PPR for ESPN, no PPR for CBS, etc.). 

You will then be able to manually enter custom scoring settings, team names, draft order, roster requirements and more by clicking those respective tabs in the middle of the screen. * If you prefer to live sync your draft, it is highly recommended to sync your league by searching for leagues rather than manually entering the information. It not only saves time, but gives you an easier and improved experience while using Draft Hero!"