Registering For Free

We have officially re-branded ourselves to become the new and improved DRAFT HERO. Our goal with this change was to become more concise and user-friendly for our customers. All licenses tied to Draft Analyzer will be transferred to Draft Hero and we will continue to support all fantasy sites that we have in previous years!

Draft Hero's New Dashboard

Now, you have the opportunity to test our product like never before! You now have the ability to register to Draft Hero for free. NO CARD INFO! NO FEES! We would like you to get a feel of what Draft Hero is and how we have the ability to positively affect your fantasy draft in ways that others cannot! YOU are the GM, and YOU should be the one to make the all important decisions of who will represent you this fall! 

Registering for Free

To register, click on 'Register Free,' where you will then need to enter your email and a password of your choosing. You are no longer randomly assigned one, and you also have the ability to reset your password at the bottom of the window should you desire a new one or you have issues logging in.
Once you register, you will now have access to what is the skeleton of Draft Hero. Your information will be displayed in the top right corner, including the status of your subscription. 

Clicking in the top right corner will expand your account's information, informing you what your current subscription holds. You have the ability to upgrade your plan in this same window, as well as updating your passwords. 

What can I do when I register for free?

You are allowed to do all of the following:

- Create a Draft Hero account with just your email, no credit card needed.

- Import settings for up to 5 leagues from all supported sites.

- Test each Draft Hero app with your personalized league settings to make sure you like the apps before buying.

- Sync with live mock drafts on Yahoo, ESPN and CBSSports