Adding ESPN Leagues

Step 1 Add Extension if it is not already installed

(Remove old Draft Analyzer Extension if it is still installed.)

Once the extension is install and active the message box to add the extension will disappear.

Step 2 Open Your League in ESPN Fantasy Football in another Tab.

Step 3 Click Getting Started in the Left Navigation

Step 3 Select Add Your Leage and Select ESPN

Step 4 Type in a League Name, this is for your reference in Draft Hero, It does not have to match your league name in ESPN, Click “Add ESPN League”

Step 5 Click Edit Settings

Step 6: Under “Manage League” Click Sync League

Click Sync Now

Select Your Team Click Save

Verify Your Draft Order, You can edit this if needed.

Step 7 When you draft is about to start, click “Sync Draft” under Ready to Draft?

Two Pop Ups will appeared

Inside Draft Hero Click Start Draft Sync

Note you must make your draft selection in ESPN’s Draft Not inside Draft Hero

Players will start to update and you will be prompted with your recommended pic when it’s your turn to draft.