Rate My Draft

After your draft concludes, click 'Rate My Draft' in the top right corner of the Draft Hero App screen.

1. Team Rankings

Team Rankings is designed to show the user how the league stacks up in terms of fantasy points per game. This does not predict records, but is more or less a power ranking of all teams post-draft.

2. Roster Strengths and Weaknesses

Roster Strengths and Weaknesses is design to show how the group of each individual position stacks up against the rest of the league. There is also information on the best available player for each respective position below the colored bars.

3. Bye Weeks

This is a chart which breaks down the bye weeks of a user's entire team. This gives an idea of when specifically a user will need to potentially target the waiver wire to fill out the starters for those particular weeks that include multiple bye weeks.

4. Draft Pick Ratings

This is a breakdown of each draft pick and how the players impact the user's team based on where they are drafted. The breakdown includes fantasy points per game that each player will accumulate throughout the season as well as the Draft Value fantasy points per game, which shows the value the user gained or lost by taking each player with that particular pick.

5. Player Rankings

This is a breakdown of how each player stacks up against the rest of the league in terms of position. For example, in this 8 team league, Deshaun Watson is the number 2 rated QB1 or starting QB in the league. This gives the user an ability to see how balanced the team is and where improvement could be recommended.