Top FAQs

Q: What is Draft Hero and why the change?

a. Draft Hero is our new version of software that we have been developing for going on three years now. We bought the domain and wanted to create a user-friendly product that our customers could easily grasp onto, and also benefit them with successful fantasy football seasons for years to come.

Q: Will I be able to use Draft Analyzer if I prefer that software over the new Draft Hero?

a. The new Draft Hero platform is better in every way, so all users will want to use it going forward. However, if there are certain advanced features that are working well in the Draft Analyzer but not yet available with the Draft Hero, we can copy your Draft Hero license to Draft Analyzer on request.

Q: Are there any new features or functions I need to learn about?

a. At the present moment, we have not added any brand new features in order to help our users adjust to the change easily. We will provide one version of our Draft Hero Draft App with a simple view. Advanced features such as ARV, Draft Value, and a few other helpful tools will be able to be accessed through the settings of your league. 

Q: Can I try out the software without buying anything?

a. Yes, you are now able to try out our product by either registering for free or without registering at all! To see what you can access with each method, click here.

Q: What do I have access to if I register for free?

a. You are allowed to: Create a Draft Hero account with just your email, no credit card needed, Import settings for up to 5 leagues from all supported sites, Test each Draft Hero app with your personalized league settings to make sure you like the apps before buying, and Sync with live mock drafts on Yahoo, ESPN and CBSSports. 

Q: Do I have to purchase a subscription to use Draft Hero with my league?

a. To have access to Draft Hero for the entirety of the football season, you must purchase a subscription. With the subscription, you will be able to import settings for an unlimited number of leagues from all supported sites, sync live mocks from all sites, and select player projections from top sources in fantasy football and select any of our award-winning apps.

Q: Can I sync Draft Hero with a site mock draft without subscribing?

a. You are able to sync live mock drafts with our most popular fantasy sites: Yahoo, ESPN, and CBSSports.

Q: Do I have access to any projections before purchasing a subscription?

a. The Draft app will load with projections and ADP for Pre-registered users, but you won't have any control over that info and it won't be displayed in the dashboard until a subscription is purchased.

Q. Can I set the Draft Analyzer to automatically take my picks for me?

a. Draft Analyzer does not have the ability to draft player for the user. DA gives suggestions and a plan to follow, however any selection must be made by the user themselves. Most site draft rooms have the ability to queue players, but that is the closest a user can get to a draft following the Draft Plan.

Q. Where do I make my picks at?

a. The user will make their picks in the draft room for their respective site. Off-line drafts give the opportunity to manually select players through Draft Analyzer. If the league’s draft is synced, DA does not support the ability to draft with the App. However, picks made will be instantly updated to the App, which gives the user the ability to keep up with the draft.

Q. Will Draft Hero sync draft trades that happen during the draft?

a. Yes, DA will sync live trades. Any site using the chrome ext for draft sync imports the Pick#, TeamID and PlayerID for every pick. So if the Team ID changes in the draft room due to an in-draft trade, the draft sync will import the new team that has that pick. Future draft picks traded will not be displayed until a player has been selected for that pick.

Q. Is there a way that I can import a league that has already drafted?

a. Yes. You can always import/sync with league settings. However, draft results are typically cleared from draft rooms shortly after the draft is completed.  It depends on the site, but in general the data is gone after the draft is over.  The roster sync in the In-season Analyzer will import all players after the draft is completed even if they weren't imported during the draft.

Q. What browser does the Draft Hero Import/Sync feature work with?

a. Draft Analyzer works on any computer with internet access by using the Google Chrome browser (only browser that supports the Extension to sync). 

Q. How frequently are the Projections updated?

a. Projections are updated daily within the Draft Hero site. ADP for each site is updated every few days and are adjusted accordingly when the information is given to us. We do have emergency ADP and Projection updates readily available for breaking news such as injuries, suspensions, etc.

Q. Where can I see information on Player Injuries and Breaking News?

a. Users can access any information on each individual player by clicking on a player and viewing his information through the Player Focus tab.