Top FAQs

System Requirements for Browser Extensions:

1) You will need the latest version of a browser extension via Chrome or Edge on PC or a Mac in order to properly sync with Draft Hero. 

2) iPads, iPhones, Surface tablets, Chromebooks, MacOS older than 10.11 do not support the extension. This means you will not be able to live sync, however you will be able to manually enter draft picks on these devices.

Q: What is Draft Hero and why the change?

a. Draft Hero is our new version of software that we have been developing for going on four years now. We bought the domain and wanted to create a user-friendly product that our customers could easily grasp onto, and also benefit them with successful fantasy football seasons for years to come!

Q: Will I be able to use Draft Analyzer if I prefer that software over the new Draft Hero?

a. The new Draft Hero platform is better in every way, so it is recommended to use it going forward. However, if there are a few advanced features that are working well in the Draft Analyzer but not yet available with the Draft Hero, we can copy your Draft Hero license to Draft Analyzer on request.

Q: If I had the extension with Draft Analyzer do I need to add the Extension for Draft Hero?

Yes. The Draft Hero and Draft Analyzer extensions are separate functions. It is highly recommended to deactivate the Draft Analyzer extension before use of Draft Hero to avoid confusion when syncing your draft properly.

Q: Are there any new features or functions I need to learn about?

a. At the present moment, we have not added any brand new features in order to help our users adjust to the change easily. We will provide one version of our Draft Hero Draft App with a simple view. Advanced features such as ARV, Draft Value, and a few other helpful tools will be able to be accessed through the GM Tools of your league's draft page. 

Q: Can I try out the software without buying anything?

a. Yes, you are now able to try out our product by either registering for free or without registering at all! To see what you can access with each method, click here.

Q: What do I have access to if I register for free?

a.  You are allowed to: Create a Draft Hero account with just your email, no credit card needed, Import settings for up to 5 leagues from all supported sites, Test each Draft Hero app with your personalized league settings to make sure you like the apps before buying, and Sync with live mock drafts on Yahoo, ESPN and CBS. 

Q: If I do not have access to download the Chrome or Edge Extension, am I still able to use Draft Hero?

a. You can still use all of the great features and fantasy advice included in Draft Hero. We include site templates for just about every major host site to make it super easy to add a league manually.  You can also easily manually enter draft picks during your draft.

Q: Do I have to purchase a subscription to use Draft Hero with my league?

a. To have access to Draft Hero for the entirety of the football season, you must purchase a subscription. With the subscription, you will be able to import settings for an unlimited number of leagues from all supported sites, sync live mocks from all sites, and select player projections from top sources in fantasy football and select any of our award-winning apps.

Q: Can I sync Draft Hero with a site mock draft without subscribing?

a. Users can manually create a league for any site using the site templates prior to subscribing. However, you will need to subscribe and buy the site add-on to use the league and draft sync features.

Q: How do I remove a league? 

a. 1) Select your league from the My Leagues list so you are viewing that league's details. 2) Right click on the settings/gear icon to the right of the blue 'Draft Now' button. 3) Select Remove League from the drop down.

Q: Do I have access to any projections before purchasing a subscription?

a. The Draft app will load with projections and ADP for Pre-registered users, but you won't have any control over that info and it won't be displayed in the dashboard until a subscription is purchased.

Q: Can I set the Draft Hero to automatically take my picks for me?

a. Draft Hero does not have the ability to draft players for the user. DA gives suggestions and a plan to follow, however any selection must be made by the user themselves in the draft window of the league site. Most site draft rooms have the ability to queue players, but that is the closest a user can get to a draft following the Draft Plan.

Q: Where do I make my picks at?

a. The user will make their picks in the draft room for their respective site. Offline drafts give the opportunity to manually select players through Draft Hero. If the league’s draft is synced, DH does not support the ability to draft with the App. However, picks made will be instantly updated to the App, which gives the user the ability to keep up with the draft.

Q: I edited the site sync settings under the "general" tab, and cannot sync my league. Why is this?

a. You need to use the Live Sync browser extension to "Find Open Leagues" with your league open in another tab to import your league settings. Do NOT use the site template as that is intended for manual league creation and manually entering draft picks.

Q: Where is the Auction App in Draft Hero?

a. Once you set your league to an Auction style draft in the general settings tab, you will see the blue “Auction” button instead of the “Draft” button. You will also see a tab to customize budgets if needed. Syncing your league is the same process as adding a league with a standard snake draft.

Q: Will Draft Hero sync draft trades that happen during the draft?

a. Yes, DA will sync live trades. Any site using the chrome extension for draft sync imports the Pick number, Team ID and Player ID for every pick. So if the Team ID changes in the draft room due to an in-draft trade, the draft sync will import the new team that has that pick. Future draft picks traded will not be displayed until a player has been selected for that pick.

Q: Is there a way that I can import a league that has already drafted?

a. Yes. You can always import/sync with league settings. However, draft results are typically cleared from draft rooms shortly after the draft is completed.  It depends on the site, but in general the data is gone after the draft is over.  The roster sync in the In-season Analyzer will import all players after the draft is completed even if they weren't imported during the draft.

Q: Do I need to set up projections from my fantasy site in the Draft Hero software?

a. Draft Hero uses the ADP for the host site selected during the add league steps. So the user does not have to select the ADP source. In addition, the user gets to view the ADP for all sites they have purchased Add-ons for. If the user doesn't have the site add-on for ESPN, their leagues will still use the ESPN ADP but he won't be able to view that ADP in other leagues the user adds from other sites.

Q: What browser does the Draft Hero Import/Sync feature work with?

a. Draft Hero works on any computer with internet access by either using the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Q: What is the difference between a Watchlist and Targeting players?

a. Targeting a player will force the algorithms and draft plan to include that player in your optimal team. The watchlist will not. You can only target one player per pick/round where you can add multiple players to the watchlist for any round.

Q: When do I have access to use sync with other sites and projections? 

a. Once you subscribe, you must purchase these items in order to have access to them. Once you buy access to a particular fantasy site, you will be able to sync both your league(s), as well as mock drafts from the site. Projections will be applied once purchased.

Q: My league has multiple trades that consist of users having multiple draft picks in a round. How should I go about submitting the draft order?

a. You have two easy options:

1) Use the "Custom Draft Picks" feature if you have a lot of trades. This
feature enables you to set the owner for every pick of the draft and makes
it very easy to assign multiple picks in a round to any owner.
2) Use the "Draft Trades" feature if you only have a few trades to enter.
This will allow you to give one owner multiple picks in a round.

Q: Does the auction tool make roster suggestions such as who to target, optimal team, etc.?

a. Yes, Draft Hero provides those same features used for standard drafts! Click the Optimal Roster option as shown below. The algorithms optimize your team based on your budget and desired allocation to each position as shown below.

Q: How am I able to make a copy of my league?

a. At the bottom of your league's information, select 'Copy League'. Your league will automatically be imported as is in another tab in Draft Hero that will keep the name, followed by the word 'Copy'.

Q: When I analyze the Rate My Draft, are the rankings done my overall points for ALL players? Help me understand how to interpret this analysis?

a. The analysis on the far left are based off of your Starters only (doesn’t include bench). The Draft Pick ratings column shows the Draft Value of each player relative to players at the same position drafted within the following 2 rounds. The Player Rankings show the overall position ranking for each of your players.

Q: Why doesn't the Draft Hero App show kickers or defenses?

a. Draft Hero does show kickers and defenses. Click the drop down menu to the right of the Player Search Bar in order to filter your board to whatever position you are searching for.

Q: How frequently are the Projections updated?

a. Projections are updated daily within the Draft Hero site. ADP for each site is updated every few days and are adjusted accordingly when the information is given to us. We do have emergency ADP and Projection updates readily available for breaking news such as injuries, suspensions, etc.

Q: Syncing my league gave me the incorrect team. How am I able to assign myself the correct team?

a. You are able to change your team in the drop down menu in the general settings tab of your league.

Q: How do draft trades work?

a, 1) Go to the Trades tab after your draft has started. 2) You can add trades for any future pick (past picks are not prevented yet, but they likely will be to prevent issues with players on the incorrect rosters). 3) Once the draft has started, you won't be able to remove any trades entered before or after the draft started. 4) If you do need to remove a trade, you will need to restart the draft in the app.

Q. How would I go about manually entering picks if I wanted to import the selections on my own?

For demo leagues, you are only allowed to use the practice draft option...this allows users to test out the draft app before they subscribe.  Once you sign in and add a custom league, you can then enter draft picks for other owners as if you were tracking an off-line draft. Simply click "Draft" on the player the owner on the clock wants to draft and everything will update accordingly.

Q: Where can I see information on Player Injuries and Breaking News?

a. Users can access any information on each individual player by clicking on a player and viewing his information through the Player Focus tab.

Q: How do I select my team on Draft Hero if I was assigned the incorrect team?

a. Go to the General tab in your league details view and use the 'My Team' drop down to change your team. Then click Save Changes and you should be go.

Q: Is Draft Hero compatible with Fleaflicker?

a. We haven’t integrated with Fleaflicker yet but you can definitely manually set-up your league settings and track your draft very easily as it progresses.

Follow these steps to get going:

  1. Click “Add League” and select “Other” site template
  2. Select either the PPR template or the standard league template (only difference is 1 point per reception)
  3. Enter your league name (optional) and click Add League
  4. In the League Details tab, you will see options to manually edit the teams, draft order, scoring rules, roster requirements and more.
  5. Personalize your settings in step #4 and then click “Draft” when you are ready to practice a quick draft (or many) with your exact league settings.
  6. When your draft starts, all you need to do is click the “Draft” button for the player that is drafted for the owner on the clock (the app knows your draft order, so you don’t have to worry about picking the owner…that is done automatically).