Adding Browser Extension

Browser Extension

*Note: Google chrome and Microsoft Edge are now both compatible allow the Browser (formerly Chrome) Extension to properly function.*

You STILL need to add the Browser Extension even if you still have the Extension active from Draft Analyzer. It is highly recommended to deactivate the Draft Analyzer Extension to avoid confusion when syncing your draft.

Click 'Add Extension'. This will redirect you to the Google Chrome Store.

Click 'Add to Chrome' to add the extension. A window will pop up, confirming the decision to add the extension.

Once, you confirm and click 'Add extension', a window will pop up confirming that your extension has been added.

  • In the upper right corner of the page, clicking Add to Chrome will bring the user to a window.
  • Click “Add extension” and return to home page. The user will now have the ability to sync a Draft Analyzer with their draft site.

You can be redirected to the Chrome Store here.

*The extension uploads automatically but will require a page refresh if the user has left their browser open for a while. The user would need to refresh the page to load the latest extension files if in the middle of the draft. If a draft is about to start, when the user opens Draft Analyzer and their draft room, those new files will automatically load for them.*