Draft Hero App

*The In-Season App for Draft Hero will be wired up around September 1st. You will be able to access this feature for Week 1 of the 2021 season if you purchased the App prior.*

1. Draft Status and Controls

  • The Draft Status is shown at the top of the page, emphasizing the selection number, current round, and who is drafting in that order.
  • The four icons to the right are the controls of the draft: 'Start Mock Draft', 'Undo Pick', 'Auto Pick', 'Restart Draft'

2. Player Search and List View Filters

  • The 'Player Search' is a bar which you can lookup and view any player desired. The Draft Player box adjacent to it allows the user to select the player to be queued, allowing that player to be selected should the time for their next selection expire. The feature can also be accessed by pressing F12.


  • The filter to the right of 'Player Search' is a drop down tool that allows you to look solely at one particular position of your choosing. 

3. Player Lists

Top 5 Recommended is a list showing users the five players most ideal to take with their upcoming draft pick. A player in this list can be drafted through the 'Draft' button or removed from the list in its entirety by pressing avoid.

  • My Watchlist is a list of players the user has expressed interest in before the draft. Players of the user’s discretion will be put in the My Watchlist Tab, in result giving a list of potential candidates to draft. The user can “watch” a player by looking under his picture.
  • Compare Players allows a user to choose up to five players and compare them. Select “Compare Top Players” below the Top 5 Recommended list, which will result in a page-long window filled with analysis of the players with information such as:
    1. Point Projections by five different sources
    2. Fantasy points scored each of the last three years
    3. ADP among multiple fantasy sites
    4. A weekly performance chart from the previous season

4. Rankings, Draft Board, and Fantasy Rosters

  • The Player Rankings shows all the players available. The board shows the top 30 available of each respective group, unless the “Show More” tab is accessed for any of the columns at the bottom of each list. If accessed, the user can now view the next 15 players ranked in said column (i.e. Top 45, then Top 60, etc.). The left-most column is ranked by ADP, while the remaining columns are positional, filtered by position rank. Defenses and Kickers will be shown by clicking on 'Team Defense' or Kickers' in the filter tab to the right of the 'Player Search' bar.

  • The 'Draft Board' is an up-to-the-minute feature showing the entire progress of the draft. Each pick is displayed in numerical order and can be read based on the format of the draft order, beginning from left to right.

  • 'Fantasy Rosters' is a similar concept, only now the user can view the progress of the draft based on a team’s roster. Users can see how the starters and bench stack up against one another from a positional standpoint.

  • 'NFL Rosters' is a tool that allows you to view the current roster and depth charts of all 32 NFL teams. You can find teams based on alphabetical order or by the 2020 offensive rankings of each NFL team.

  • Arrows highlighted below allow the user to expand or normalize the view of the 'Rankings', 'Draft Board', 'Fantasy Rosters', or 'NFL Rosters'. Expanding these shows the entire fantasy draft or league rosters on one screen. This can be normalized by clicking the arrows once again.

5. Player Profiles

  • 'Player Profile' is an in-depth look at an individual player. This will show the user numbers such as the player’s position rank, ADP on each major fantasy site, ARV, 2020 fantasy points, and 2021 projected points. The user is also able to target, avoid, or place player in your comparison list in this feature.
  • Under 'Player Stats', you can also view more numbers and information such as statistics from up to three seasons prior, statistical predictions for the upcoming season, and a week by week ranking that shows the player’s performance from the previous season.
  • Under 'Player News', you can view the outlook of a player for the upcoming season and updates/news provided by our projection partners such as 4FOR4 and RotoWire.

6. Rosters and Draft List

  • The Rosters List below displays the user’s roster in its entirety. Any team can be viewed in this area by clicking on the menu below the 'Rosters' and 'Draft List' tabs.

  • The Draft List' is the place where you are able to view the draft from a round-by-round basis. You are able to toggle between previous and future rounds by clicking 'PREV' or 'NEXT' displayed below the 'Draft List' tab. The 'Current' button will display the round the draft is presently in.

7. GM Tools

  • 'GM Tools' are how the user can customize their draft strategy. Showing Stretch Picks will show the user throughout the draft the possibility that they will be able to wait on picking a player, rather than select him with the current selection. ADP Sources show the Average Draft Position for each player from each of the six respective sights. GM Tools can be accessed by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the page.

  • 'Custom Layout Options' indicate special features previously in the older versions of Draft Hero. By checking or unchecking the boxes of Summary Draft Grid, Draft Value, and Draft Plan, it allows you to enjoy an advanced or more simplistic format of the draft page. 

Draft Grid

Draft Value

Draft Plan

  • Select 'Draft Plan' where you can customize your draft strategy for Draft Hero. By selecting or deselecting the position colored icons, it will filter out all positions that you do not desire to target in each round. In the grid to the right, it will show the top recommended player for each position that is projected to be available in that round, as well as the Above Replacement Value (ARV), which indicates what position will gain your team the most value compared to the best available player at said position after the draft concludes. Typically the ARV will correlate with what position you should target in each round.
  • Select 'Player Projections' is a tool where the user can adjust the influence sources have on point projections for players. As a default, projections are evenly influenced by all the sources the user is subscribed to. If they prefer to have one source more than others, users can adjust the percentages accordingly, which will change projections for all players instantly. Whatever adjusted percentages you select, the total MUST add up to 100%.

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